Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Think Athiest

Haven't been on in a while but thought i'd share
"Mine goes like this (assuming I'm talking to a christian): Your religion teaches that if you do not accept Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior you will burn for eternity in hell. More or less. No matter if you are a good person, or are equally devout in another faith. The religion you have as an adult is hugely dependent on the time and place of your birth. If God chose to have you born today to a poor family in India, your chances of converting to christianity to be saved are near zero. If you were born in South America before the conquistador's came, you were not going to hear about Jesus. In essence, God chooses certain people to burn for eternity and they have no say in the matter.

Religion is like football. Everyone wants to believe their home team is special, but the fact is they only think so because they were born there.

there is no credible evidence for the existence of god. two things are generally proffered as evidence of god, scripture and the natural world (argument from perceived design).

1) scripture is mere hearsay, or as more accurately stated by thomas paine: "hearsay upon hearsay". hearsay is generally inadmissible in state and federal court because it is notoriously unreliable. if hearsay isn't reliable enough for use to adjudicate simple disputes, it certainly isn't reliable enough to prove absurd stories about a god upon which you think i should base my life.

2) the natural world provides no more evidence for the existence of your god than it does for the thousands of gods imagined throughout history, which is to say, none. our ignorance relating to precisely how this all came about doesn't justify your speculation that a wizard did it."

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  1. Very interesting post, I support you!
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  2. Interesting post... Have you ever heard of Pascal's Gambit (Pascal's Wager) though??

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  4. christianity is so egocentric, it's disgusting. it preys on the fear of humans in order to gain followers, screw that religion.

  5. dude nice shit keep it up

  6. i hate religion. but sometimes people say theyre not religious, they spiritual. i hate that too. i hate any irrational beliefs.

  7. Great post I love viewing it erreday. But today is my firsts so reciprocate!

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