Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Universe

The very fact that we can see the stars at night proves the universe is billions of years older than Creationists state it is.

Light Travels at approximately 12million miles per minute

The nearest star outside our own solar system is approximately 800,000 light years away

So the fact that  we can see the light from that star, as well as billions of others, is tangible proof that the universe is way older than 6000 years.


(God puts the stars there to test us is a lazy and desperate excuse, much like the Dinosaur bone excuse)

On another note, how astonishing is that picture.  The brain cell of a mouse, only micrometers wide and a simulated image of the universe, billions of light years across.  The stark similarities are astounding.  That can't just be coincidental, can it?
 - click the image for a larger picture


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  4. We are all just infinitesimally small sparks of a single brain cell...

  5. You're right, it can't be coincidental. GOD DID IT.

  6. absolutely are right. Not coincidental..It was not an accident it was created by someone. (God)